principle and sound philosophy

The CYGNUS Quasar is a direct radiator. The 3D impulse response is optimized for exact reproduction of the first wave front which arrives the listener's pair of ears and to reproduce rich holographic image which contains all the room information of the original event taken either in the studio or within a live performance. The crossover design is extremely loss less and tolerances between the two stereo channels are exceptional small.

The advantage of phaseconditioning filter design with high order characteristics are clearly:

· Creation of phantom sound sources due to small overlapping
· Minimal distortion and interferences
· Wide dynamic range and enhancement of electrical power handling
· Well controlled sound dispersion in vertical and horizontal direction

Press releases:

STEREO 09/2003
The CYGNUS Quasar is temporal and sonic extreme accurate, which to listen to is really a great pleasure… …dynamically explosive and revealing even the tiniest details at the same time, the sound reproduction is exceptional coherent, holographic and clear.

see also reviews from Sven Bauer, HiFiStars and Lars Mette, AREADVD

Hans Christian, professional musician, producer, and owner of STUDIO 330 ( in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, USA:

"I currently use a pair of German made Geithain RL 903K active three way monitors in my recording studio for mixing and mastering. When I heard the Cygnus Audio system with the large foil transducers and their active dipole subwoofer I knew that there is more than one great speaker manufacturer in Germany. Cygnus Audio is bringing a sound of realism and transparency that is unparalleled and their dipole subwoofer is phenomenal. When you look at buying a top-notch speaker system either for home theater or studio mastering use you should put Cygnus Audio very high on your list!"








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