Welcome to CYGNUS audio

We are a German High-End loudspeaker manufacturer, located in Berlin and Hildesheim. Established in the year 2003 by two enthusiastic physicists the company's mission was to accomplish a new concept of loudspeaker design to reproduce music at the highest level of quality and to reveal a pure emotional listening experience in your living room.

This approach resulted in a new outstanding compact High-End studio monitor, which is excellent for critical mastering applications, and the new digital dipole subwoofer design which was built in accordance with the worlds top level standards of existing high end loudspeaker designs, including horns, electrostatics and some very high end large dynamic speakers, all combined in a medium sized floor stand loudspeaker to provide one of the best speaker systems in the world.

Our small company is researching globally for the best chassis material and passive electronic crossover devices, cables and accessories and takes a quarter century of experience of researching human hearing physiology and psychology as well as researching listening live performances and audiophile genuine living room rendition to fine tune the acoustic reproduction performance of our semi active 2.1 system. In other words, Cygnus audio delivers uncompromised quality in all aspects of its products- materials, designs, and research.

Because our speakers are completely hand made it takes weeks for the most skillful craftsmen and engineers of the company to build just one pair of the Quasar and one unit of the DisubX1. Cygnus audio speakers are a sonic and aesthetic piece of art where full attention is given to every little detail, resulting in exquisite quality.








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