"Music is a language of the emotions."


Charles Mingus, 1955


CYGNUS was born when founders Christian Brückner (CEO) and Stefan Melzer (CFO) surveyed the existing high-end loudspeaker landscape and found it built upon history, a history that was defined by limitations. Christian Brückner and his companion Stefan Melzer knowing each other from university, both enthusiastic and music loving physicists who share over 40 years of combined experience in the high end world, decided to forge a new and radical perspective on what is possible in the high-end loudspeaker world when cost no object manufacturing with no limits has priority. They concluded that reinvention is no substitute for a fresh start so they started with a clean sheet of paper. In 2003, they founded CYGNUS, a true high end manufacturer which introduced the world's first premium hybrid 2.1 sub sat system with digital DSP controlled dipole subwoofer, the CYGNUS Quasar/DisubX15.

As a small German high end manufactory, the brand name CYGNUS and product notation  Quasar represents the designer's and CEO’s affinity to astronomy and clearly states the claim to provide high energy point sources which to listen too is a rich emotional experience and great pleasure. CYGNUS provides with its first and unique semi active  2.1 set a temporal and sonic extreme accurate individual piece of art. Dynamically explosive the set is revealing even the tiniest details and at the same time, the sound reproduction is exceptional coherent, holographic and clear, please see also press releases.
























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