Dieter's 7.2 Home Cinema
Setup in Black piano lacquer


Stefan's Home Cinema 5.1 Setup
in Stone high gloss


CYGNUS Quasar + DiSUBX1,
Jörn's 2.1 Setup in AMI Cherry


CYGNUS Quasar + DiSUBX1,
Micheal's 2.1 Setup with Ethernal Arts Tubes in Black piano lacquer


CYGNUS Quasar + DiSUBX1,
Stephane's 2.1 Setup in Mappa Maser high gloss


CYGNUS Quasar + DiSUBX1,
Theo's 2.1 Setup in Birch veneer


CYGNUS Quasar + DiSUBX1,
Chris's 2.1 Setup in Olive veneer


Sven Bauer,
editor of HiFiStars about the CYGNUS - System


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- audio @ AREADVD


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23./24. January 2010 in Hannover


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20./21. November 2010 in Bochum









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